Acute cases - what to do?

If you and your horse (animal) are caught in life-threatening or emergency situation, follow these tips:

  • 1st Make sure of your own safety!
  • 2nd Evaluate the situation!
  • 3rd Remain calm and act intelligently!

When you save any animals, you must be calm, thoughtful and certain! The following points should be identified and made at the outset:

  • 1st Is the animal secured?
  • 2nd Is there enough fresh air for the animal, for example, after falling into a pit? If not, immediately call the fire department, which will used crane machine or another way of extrication.
  • 3rd Is the animal injured?
  • 4th Is there any other immediate danger?
  • 5th Is the animal going to be treated by calm and reliable person?
  • 6th Call the vet and ambulance! Horse Emergency or +420 778 011 112! If necessary, call the other rescue organizations!
  • 7th Take care of your horse, do not organize other things! Call our number and we will arrange everything else!
  • 8th Make sure your telephone will be available for callback of rescuers and don’t block the link with unnecessary calls.

Provide first animal aid by your own funds. Avoid the worst consequences. Veterinary training in first aid is performed by MVDr. Dominica Švehlová.