Financial resources and price list

In spite of the present costs of rescue events must be covered by animal‘ owner, we strive for changes and ensure of other financial resource. The change succeeded in South Moravian region.

Prices for acute intervention and rescue action:
Departure of special ambulance car with rescue equipments 30,-CZK/km
Driver - rescue worker 500,-CZK/hour
Veterinary doctor of Ambulance 500,-CZK/hour
Non-acute transportation:
Ambulance Car Departure 30,-CZK/km
Alerting service on actions - Emergency at events
Ambulance arrival 20,-CZK/km
waiting fee including staff(driver - rescue worker) 500,-CZK/hour
Appropriate intervention during emergency event – as Prices for acute intervention.
Formation animal on legs:
Carriage - drive container hangings 20,-CZK/every km
Driver - rescue worker 500,-CZK/hour.
Animal capture 500,-CZK/hour.
Lend hangings to the stabling 150,-CZK/day

We're not tax payers.

We are very sorry, that our Veterinary rescue services have to meanwhile partialy work on commercial base. We hope, that in near future situation will be betters and that needed recourses will be given by state, regions, companies or entrepreneurs.

Cost of equipments and running of Rescue

Services Spending on system plus running ambulance already climb to the giddy amounts plus for the present to us succeed in is manage from own resources plus with the help of present minute givers. Common sense to us prompt, that the relatively high amounts deemed necessary behind commercial step would could a lot of owners discourage plus whole rescue system would then lose its meaning. With it of course don't intend settle. Therefore we will try at least in part necessary resources on rescue action interlock alternative method. Alike would like to bankrolled and necessary technical to the-equipment first variants ambulance car, next pendent arrangement and new special container.